A Little About Us

Greyt Sweaters began in 2004, when I decided to knit a jumper for my rescue whippet called Lucy. I then realised that nothing similar to my design was available online, so began to post photos of further creations on a greyhound rescue website. I was asked frequently to make them for greyhounds and whippets belonging to other people and so it began. It was obvious that these unique knitted coats were perfect for the shaping of all sighthounds and they were filling a much needed gap in the market. However the sweaters needed to be machine knitted rather than hand knitted, to look professional and keep their shape. I taught myself how to make them on knitting machines and that was then that Greyt Sweaters became truly able to produce high quality, robust and stunning knitwear for greyhounds, whippets and lurchers.

In 2014 after several years of hard work and tears! I found a supplier that was able to re-create my designs and supply in bulk to meet the huge demand, by then the Greyt Sweaters collection included Quilted Jackets, Fleece Housecoats, Lightweight Rain Macs and of course Tweed Coats, along with the Knitted Sweaters that have always been the backbone of the business.

Now Greyt Sweaters is VAT registered, I run it full time along with my daughter Zoe, and we are excited for a future in which we hope to grow the Company and continue to meet the high expectations of our new and returning customers. It is an absolute please to know that we keep so many Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers and Italian Greyhounds warm, dry and cosy, not to mention looking stylish and fashionable!